Narrow Bedside Table With Drawers, Perfect Solution for Small Bedroom

Although the bed is the most important thing in the bedroom, you shouldn’t forget about the existence of the bedside table. As tiny as the size is, it’s actually very useful. You can put your belongings or a lamp on top of it. Thus, with a narrow bedside table with drawers, you can keep more things.

However, you can’t just randomly choose your bedside. Some preparation is necessary so it will fit perfectly with your bed or bedroom theme. Aside from the number of bedsides you need, you also have to think of the bedside style. So, to make it easier for you, here are some recommendations for the best bedside and how to choose it.

How to Choose the Best Bedside

Since choosing the wrong one will only make the bedroom look awful, you have to carefully choose your bedside. The type of bedside, the theme of your bedroom are things that you have to consider when choosing a bedside. Therefore, to avoid the wrong choice, you can follow these tips in choosing the narrow bedside table with drawers :

  • The height should be around the mattress. The size is an important matter when choosing a bedside. A huge bedside will make your bedroom looks imbalance, so refrain to choose one. The most appropriate size for your bedside is the one that has the same height as your mattress. This way, not only the looks of your bedroom will improve but you also will get things easier.
  • Focus on function. When choosing a bedside, you have to make sure that you can put your belongings on it. A glasses, lamp, books are things that usually lay on the bedside. If you have too much belonging, you can choose a narrow bedside table with drawers, so you can put all of them at the bedside.
  • Try to mix and match. Usually, when you buy a matching bedroom suite, you will also get a bedside. Though it’s an easier way to choose a bedside, it will only make your bedroom has no personality. That’s why you should try to mix and match the bedside.

The Best Bedside You Can Choose

As you have known, there are several types of bedsides out of there. After getting to know how to choose the bedside, now it’s time for you to look for the best narrow bedside table with drawers for your bedroom :

1. White Oak That Looks Like Nightstand

If you only have a little space for the bedside, then this narrow bedside table with drawers may be the right choice. The material of this bedside is the oak and it also has white color so it won’t look weird with any bed or bedroom’s theme. Moreover, as it’s modeled after the nightstand type, this bedside will take a little bit of your space.

2. Elegant Black Bedside

When having an elegant bedroom, then the bedside that will match such a bedroom is also an elegant bedside. For that purpose, you can choose the black nightstand bedside. Since the size of this bedside is small, it will fit no matter how narrow space is. Also, with the drawers this bedside has, you can put a lot of things in it.

3. Mirrored Bedside With Drawers

For a small bedroom with a narrow space, you need to choose a bedside that will not take too much space. It has a small size so you don’t need to worry about space. Moreover, due to its shiny looks, this bedside can reflect things so it will make the room more spacious.

Having a narrow bedside table with drawers is the best choice when there is a little space in your bedroom. With the right bedside, not only you can keep all of your belonging safe but you can also make your room look more elegant. So, choose your bedside now!