Floating Bookshelf Nursery Ideas to Make the Room Neat

Floating Bookshelf Nursery Ideas to Make the Room Neat

Decorating and designing a nursery room is an exciting moment for most mothers. Choosing the theme, color, and decoration for the room is all a fun activity. However, when decorating the room don’t forget about tools that can make the room look tidy and neat. A floating bookshelf nursery is one of the options you can choose as it doesn’t take much space either. 

Other than being used to display books, floating bookshelf nursery can be used to display the kid’s toys and pictures. However, to make sure that the bookshelf still fits in the room, choose cute and stylish designs. Here are some cute and most affordable designs of bookshelf that you can buy or make on your own:

  • Triangle Wood Shelf

Make the nursery room look natural but still cute with a triangle wood shelf. Put up 3-4 floating triangle shelves and put them together in opposite ways. Or you can also give some space between them so that it fills up the walls. Next, you can put your kid’s toys and books on the shelf to make the room look neat.

  • Plain White Shelf

Nothing will go wrong with a plain white floating bookshelf nursery for a baby’s room. As white is a neutral color, it can fit in any kind of design and still make the room look neat. However, to make the room not too boring, make sure to add some colorful toys for the display.

  • Pinewood Peg Shelf

Give a unique touch in the nursery room with a pinewood peg shelf. Pinewood material is known as one of the best materials used for furniture, therefore it is guaranteed to last long. The color of the original pinewood is also very natural, which will give a natural touch into the room. However, if you don’t like the color, you can color it with soft colors like yellow, blue pink or brown.

  • Bamboo Wall Shelf

If you like a natural theme for your nursery room, then choose the bamboo wall shelf. Overall, the design does look a bit old style, however, you can still make it cute with a touch of colors. Or if you want to keep the natural color, then just add colorful toys or books on the shelf.  You can adjust the shape of the bamboo so it will look more modern.

  • House Shape

For a modern look but with a cute touch for your kid’s room, then use the house shape hanging shelf. You can then divide the shelf into two parts, where you can use the bottom part for books. As for the top part, you can display their small toys in a row.

  • Moon & Stars Shelf

One of the cutest designs floating bookshelf nursery is the star and moon shape shelf. For both shapes, you can divide the shapes into three parts and use them for different needs. For the bottom part, you can use if for toys, middle part for books, and top for their accessories.

  • Air Balloon

Another cute floating bookshelf nursery that has double function is the air balloon shelf. Despite having multi-function use, the air balloon also makes a great accessory and decoration for the room. Choose soft colors like light blue or pink for the air balloon. 

So, these are some top and cutest floating bookshelf nursery that you can use for nursery rooms. Not only do they have cute designs but they are also multi-functions. They can be used for keeping your kid’s books or toys and make the room look neat and clean. Best of all, not only are they used for shelves, but they can also be a great decoration for the room.