Bed Canopy with Fairy Lights as to Adorn the Teen's Bedroom

Bed Canopy with Fairy Lights as to Adorn the Teen’s Bedroom

Most of the girls love princess-theme things, which also applied to their bedroom. You can make the bedroom looks like come out from a fairytale. To do that add a bed canopy with fairy lights. Not only will make the bedroom looks more sparkly but it also can make the room brighter.

However, you will not find this kind of bed canopy in any store. After all, it is not be sold as one package. You have to make this bed canopy yourself. But, don’t worry too much since it’s easy to make. If it’s your first time, here are several steps to make a bed canopy with fairy light.

Collect the Material for the Bed Canopy with Fairy Lights First

Before you try to make this bed canopy with fairy lights, you should prepare the materials first. You don’t have to worry, after all, these materials aren’t that hard for you to acquire. So, what do you need to make this beautiful bed canopy?

The first thing you should prepare is the curtain. Choose a gauzy one, so the light will be brighter. To cover all of your bed, prepare two curtains. After that, you have to prepare the fairy light. If you don’t know where to buy it, use an online shop since there are many shops that sell it.

The other materials you need to gather are the screw hooks and drill. If you already gather all of these things, then it means you’ve already got your step to make a beautiful bed canopy.

Make the Bed Canopy with Fairy Lights Right Now

After you get the materials, you just need to make the bed canopy and hang the fairy light. There are two big steps to make a bed canopy with fairy lights. The first step is to make the bed canopy while the last step is to hang the fairy light :

1. How to Make The Bed Canopy

To make the canopy, first, you have to measure the size of your bed. It’s an important thing to do, so your canopy curtain will not too small or too big. Don’t forget to mark the central point where the curtain will be hung on.

The next step is to drill the ceiling where you have marked it. Then screw the screw hook on it to hang the curtain. Make sure that the screw hook is secure and stable so it will be easy to hang the curtain.

After that, tie the canopy to the hook and let the bottom of the canopy touch the floor. Arrange it so it will cover the bed. If your canopy has strings, tie them with the leg of your bed, but if there are no strings, just arrange them neatly.

2. The Steps to Hang The Fairy Lights

Now, you have the canopy to cover your bed, the next is to install the fairy lights on the canopy. Firstly, find the source of the lights. You can use the battery-powered light if you can’t find the source for your light.

Next, mark the wall where you want to put the lights. Use a pencil to mark the place, then, drill the marked wall to insert the hooks. To avoid the hooks from moving, make sure that the hooks are stable.

Afterward, hang the fairy lights from the top of the canopy. Also, don’t forget to tie these fairy lights on the top hook. Besides, the canopy, you can also hang the lights on the wall where you have marked before.

Girls always love sparkly and lovely things, especially for their bedroom. Installing a bed canopy with fairy lights can grant one of their wishes. With these sparkly lights, the girl’s bedroom will look lovelier.

So, if you have a daughter, don’t hesitate to hang this kind of bed canopy. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s decorate the room for the most beautiful bedroom ever.