Amazing Breakfast Nook Corner Dining Set You Should Have

Amazing Breakfast Nook Corner Dining Set You Should Have

Other than the living room, the dining room is one of the places in the house where you will gather with your family. This is the place where you will have breakfast or dinner together or just a place to sit and chit chat together. To make the dining room feel more intimate, the breakfast nook corner dining set is a great design to use.

This kind of design is a great choice for those with big or small spaces in the house. Because it can be applied in all spaces and will keep the atmosphere intimate. Whether you are choosing a breakfast nook corner dining set for small and/or big space, the design is the most important. Now, what is the best design for nook corner dining sets? Well, check these designs and ideas out :

1. U-Shape Dining Nook

If you have a family that consists of many people, then use the U-shape dining nook design. This nook dining set can put up to 9-10 people with 3 on each side except the one on the outside part. Also, add some windows around the dining set to make it bright during the day or at night.

2. Bench Nook

Make things simple and clean using a breakfast nook corner dining set with bench dining sets. Choose a natural color bench like white-wood color to brighten up your living room. However, you can always choose black benches if you want something bolder. Just make sure to add other colors and touches, so that your dining room doesn’t seem too dark and unfriendly.

3. Curve Nook Dining Set

The next breakfast nook corner dining set that will also suit any kind of room is curve nook set. The concept of this dining set is just like u-shape design; however, it is made with a curve shape. By putting it in the corner of the room, you can save up some room but still get a wide space for dining. So, this design is great for small or large dining rooms.

4. Built-In Storage Nook

Make a multi-function breakfast nook corner dining set with a built-in storage nook. The main function of the built-in is still to invite you and your families for a breakfast nook. However, you can also utilize the chair and use it as storage. All you need to do is lift the lids or the cushion on the chair to get your new storage.

5. Rustic Style

Those who like rustic style can use breakfast nook with some soft dark colors. Make it look rustier using wood material that you can paint on your own. Rather than using white as the base color, use white-bone color instead. 

You can also add some cushions to make the dining set more comfortable.

6. Banquette (Ballard Design)

Who doesn’t love the Ballard design that can lighten up the whole dining room? This is a great option of design for a corner dining set inside your house. The combination of light blue and white is not just pretty but will make the room look bigger and wider.

7. Elevated Island – Nook Dining Set

Combine the two designs to get a lovely and modern look of a dining set. You can design it in the corner of the room and elevated the height a bit. This will make the dining table look like the ones in the bar but with a modern touch.

So, space should not be a problem when it comes to these breakfast nook corner dining set ideas. Because all the designs are made to fit in small or large spaces. All you need to do is adjust the size with the space inside your house. Don’t forget to use bright colors too, to make the room look brighter and bigger.

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